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It has always been said, that over the years, relationships are losing the spark and the initial passion. Work, routine, trust, knowing that you are loved in spite of everything, causes men and women to let go a little and enter a type of general comfort that directly affects the way they deal with the relationship. In sex, he is also seriously affected, perhaps because of his own general discomfort, perhaps because of the physical laziness of both or simply because the mystery and the initial passion have been lost with routine and repetition.

The lack of sex in the couple , is one of the indicators that things are not going well. And finally, it is one of the main reasons for breaking up. Solving the problem can sometimes be very simple. It's up to us to try. There have been cases of couples who with a simple conversation have reversed the situation and currently enjoy a sex life, extremely rich and full.

Solutions to improve sex as a couple

There is no single solution for these cases, and there may not even be a solution, but it has been detected that lack of communication and encouragement are the main reasons why sex ceases to be practiced regularly in long-lived couples. But the problem is not in the desire and sexual appetite. In fact, women and men retain their sexual voracity almost completely, but it does not come up because the proper conditions do not exist.

How to improve and increase sex as a couple

If we want to rescue and rekindle the flame and sexual passion with our partner , something has to change. If something does not work for years and we do not change anything, it sure will not work. You have to look for solutions and most of the time they do not tend to be too complicated. Good communication is one of the best remedies.

Improvement of communication in sex as a couple.

In the first place, communication between the members of the couple must be improved. The years should not provide enough confidence to discuss everything. We must dare to ask for what has always been desired and that we have never dared to ask. Both men and women tend to have certain sexual fantasies that do not dare to move their partners out of modesty or fear of rejection. This is a big mistake, because we are giving up our most loved pleasures and consequently our welfare, before even fighting for them. Also we do not know how our partner will react, maybe it is also one of their wishes and we have lost it during all this time.

Escort for couples.

Another option to include new element in our relationships. Sex toys , new practices and why not a new member. The escorts for couples are booming, they can teach both men and women, to stimulate the erogenous zones of each. Having a sex worker is always an element in favor of which we can learn a lot. We can discover areas of our body that we did not know and also areas of our partner's body that can drive her crazy. An appointment with an escort can suppose a before and after in the sexual relations of couple. She will help you discover and unleash your desires and passions.

Choose between escort woman or man for our meeting as a couple, it is up to each one. In most cases, a woman is chosen, because they know perfectly the female body, which is much more complex than the man's and can teach much better how to stimulate and excite him and her.


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