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Anal sex in Barcelona

Anal sex is one of the most requested special services by Escorts clients. And surely it is not because of the direct pleasure it produces, but because of what this practice implies. Although it is a highly sensitive area that is duly stimulated, some say it produces more pleasure than vaginal intercourse. For many men anal sex represents the forbidden, what they have never been able to do or what they have never dared to request from their partners. Anal sex has always been a practice with dark tints, desired by many or all, but little recognized or little commented. Although many couples end up doing it, it is still taboo, something that neither men nor women dare to recognize among their intimate circles, even if it is pleasurable.

Porn and above all the Internet has brought all categories and specialties of sex closer to users, men and women. And the statistics clearly show that anal sex is one of the most requested and consumed. Such is the rise of this specialty, that there are specialized pages in this genre that accumulate large numbers of customers who consume their contents daily. There are even pages of doctors and sexual experts who inform about anal relations between men and women and how to proceed to have a satisfactory experience.

Anal sex with Escorts

SugarGirls has among its ranks Escorts specialized in anal sex, which will undoubtedly make the experience a success. Well, it is not the same to start in anal sex with an inexperienced partner, to have the wisdom and experience of those who already master it. Having the know-how and the complicity of a girl who knows what is in hand, guarantees that the appointment will be totally fruitful. Another issue is that anal sex finally meets the expectations of each one. For surely it is more a matter of mind and submission than a matter purely of physical pleasure.

Sexual intercourse with anal penetration should have a somewhat different treatment than traditional intercourse. Due to its characteristics, protection, care and hygiene must be very meticulous and precise. If not, we may have some unpleasant dislike or experience. For this reason, anal sex with an Escort, who already knows what is done, is always a good way to start and take experience in the matter. Then you can start your own way with your partner or whoever you want.

Hygiene in anal sex

For the practice of anal sex in Barcelona and all over the world, you should follow a highly recommended hygienic guidelines for the safety of those involved. In the first place, a thorough and thorough cleaning of the anus and its surroundings must be carried out. For this it is recommended to resort to enema. The enema or enema The enema or enema consists of introducing liquids through the rectum in order to clean the intestine and the anus itself. This procedure is highly recommended to avoid surprises and infections, especially if anal penetration is going to be performed without any protection.

Lubrication and care when practicing anal sex

As many and many will already know, the anal area is a highly sensitive and delicate area. In it there are many nerve endings and also a lot of blood flow, so it is very likely and frequent that there may be some small spill during the act. Lubricate the area properly and treat it carefully is especially necessary and recommended. Taking the time necessary for the couple to relax and to slowly dilate the sphincter is without a doubt the best option. Playing a bit, introducing objects such as butt plugs, and increasing the diameter of these is the best way to get a posteriori, penetration with the penis is fluid and less annoying for the boy or girl.

Obviously, the more experience a couple has or the person who is going to be penetrated, the less problems they will present. Although lubrication and previous dilation is highly recommended especially for the first time of anal intercourse.

Protection and safety in anal sex

Whether you perform anal intercourse with an Escort or if you do it with your partner, using protection is the best way to avoid possible subsequent infections. Now, if you have enough confidence in your partner and you both want to do the practice without any protection, make sure you proceed with a cleaning as we recommend in the point about hygiene and lubricate very well both the anus as the member.

The first experience of anal sex

Anal sex can be a really satisfying and positive experience. Very nice and stimulating if done correctly. From our experience we encourage all those who have doubts to what they try one day. Always with desire and never by obligation. Only if everyone involved wants and is clear that it is something they want to make the experience will be successful. It may be that finally it is not expected and that it is discarded forever, but we must bear in mind that things do not always go well the first time. Anal sex is a different practice and at first it can make something uncomfortable, but when it is well taken, it can be a different and very explosive experience.

If you want to try it and your situation allows it, do not hesitate to go to an Escort to show you how the experience should be. Then you can transmit it to your partners and make them and you enjoy a very special evening. SugarGirlsBcn is undoubtedly the agency that will help you find the most suitable girl to make your sexual experience a success.


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